• Image of Lonely Beast Custom Painting!

One-off custom Lonely Beast painting!

Each painting is hand painted by Chris Judge using inks an fluorescent paint. You choose what text you would like on your painting. A name, a declaration or song title, the choice is yours!

The painting is on 21x30cm 300gsm watercolour paper and fits perfectly into Ribba frames in Ikea ( these frames only €5!).

Shipping and handling is free anywhere in the world. Get your order in before December 15th international or December 19th for Ireland. Collect from studio on 22nd December 11am-3pm.

Instructions when purchasing your painting. Please mention them in the extras box:

1: Choose your colour (pink, orange, blue or green).
2: Choose what name or 2-3 word text for Chris to write into the speech bubble.
3. When it arrives put it in a Ribba frame from Ikea and hang it on the wall!